In a 2016 interview with Yemi Alade that has just resurfaced, the ‘Mama Africa‘ artist was asked about the artists she thinks should  find a new job, and Dencia‘s name popped up.

Tonight music star and beauty entrepreneur Dencia shared a video on Instagram sharing her thoughts about Yemi Alade’s video.

She captioned that “Yop @yemialade F**k u.My Album debuted on #3 I don’t have to f**k managers & whatever 2 get 2 the Top. No I won’t stop music,my Debut album killed all of u & yes I’m bragging.Same way u called my name I’m calling urs & I did this after my album Went #3 within 12hrs not cuz I need the promo. ✌🏼All love,no hard feelings just letting uno but if we ever cross paths it’ll be nothing but love from me but I couldn’t let it go (Elsa voice) had to Rub it in yo face.I don’t brag abt my achievements but I had 2 do this for the #Culture. It’s 1-1 let’s keep it cute moving forward so please don’t respond cuz we all know how reckless I can be with my mouth.”

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