Vera Sidika Bares Her Butt

Vera Sidika is taking full credit for her expensive lifestyle.

Posting on her Snapchat today, the Kenyan slammed trolls who she said alleged that she sleeps with men for money and luxurious trips.

Even when I am in a relationship and you see me living lavish, it’s all me. Not the man,” said the buxom star, adding, that some of the men she had been in relationships with tried to take credit for her lifestyle, but it’s all a lie because she funds her own lifestyle.

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And then she went on a long rant, slamming Kenyans and Tanzanians who she said are out to ruin her sparkling image.

This surprising turn comes less than two months after Vera when on another rant admitting that she dates rich politicians, sportsmen, etc, for money and shopping trips. She even classified this crop of men as her ‘cheque’, and said she keeps them away from social media so that other women won’t steal them from her.

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Well, Vera is telling a different story this time: she is responsible for Vera, no man should take credit for her hard work.

Read the long rants: 


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