As the debate on restructuring the Nigerian Federation gathers momentum, the Igala nation has called for the creation of Okura state as a panacea for the underdevelopment of the area.

It also called for the devolution and decentralization of powers of the central government to allow the States to control and manage their resources, adding that the centre should be allowed to manage issues relating to geography , ethnic and cultural diversity of the country.

This position was reached in Lokoja the Kogi State capital when Ukomu Igala , a Socio Cultural Organisation inaugurated its Kogi state Chapter.

In a speech delivered by the National Leader of the Association, Major General Patrick Akpa (Rtd), he noted that the Igala nation as one of the most populous tribes in the country had suffered setbacks from the colonial era till date, saying Igala people deserved a state of their own.

According to the General, ” The Igala nation is rising, We have all it takes to be a great nation like we were in the precolonial era. We have great agricultural potentials, that if we channel our energies into it we would be able to feed ourselves and the Country.

” We have solid mineral deposits such as coal, crude oil and good arable land that can be used for the sustenance of our state if created.

” Our sons and daughters are flying the Nigeria dreams both on economic and political fronts. We have sons as minister of the federal republic, MD of the Development Bank, DG, NASRDA and numbers of our people in management positions in government, in Banks and other financial institutions, which affirmed that the Igala nation have what it required to be granted a state of his own,” he asserted.

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