Random jokes
1– *Fact*
Do u knw dat men ar d best cook….. Imagine
wit just two egg and one hot dog wit a little
bit of
milk can make a woman full 4 nine month.
*Wisdom will not kill me*
2- *I paid a dear friend a visit. His wife
served us supper with plenty meat, yet their
kids had only
sliced onions n tomatoes on their meals to
eat. After the meal, I asked my friend why
we had this
plenty meat and his kids had none. He said
“what should I do, when they say they won’t
eat rat?*
*I’m still vomiting*
3- Its not that i can’t afford the IPhone 7 oo,
(cheap thing) is just that i don’t like the
colour dey av.
If u can get Jollof orange colour, cockroach
brown, banana yellow or ugwu green… Den
we are
talking business..
Hope u get wat m saying
4- Some Men are fools, how can you pass by
me with your car and few distance from me
pick a
lady, and the car break down . now you are
like oh bro help me push it
I’ll never, even if I swallow the Bible as food
what dey pain me be say the lady still dey
the car inside….
5- Those people that will dress well and still
wear wrist watch that doesn’t work are one
of the
problems we have in this country
6- If Nigerian police are arresting guys with
They should also start arresting jobless girls
with iphone7!!…
Guys shebi ayam communicating???
7- Statistic from Nigerian banks show that
men withdraw a lot on Friday and Women
deposit a lot
on Monday
Girls why? .
God is watching u ooh
8- *No matter how broke a guy is, money
for abortion will come out From anywhere
when he
impregnates a sidechick*
9- She was my crush until she said this to
ME:babe are you virgin?
HER:Yes im virgin,you can even ask my child
10- Some girls will be like “i want a man
who can protect me,”but they have rejected
over 5 security
men.Aunty who do u really want? A padlock
11- True love is when ur girl smashes ur
New 13hrs old iPhone 8 on the wall cos ,she
saw A Girl
call u Baby in ur chats on WhatsApp; And u
just smile,Hug her closely and whisper in her
“What designer of wheelchair Do u like
12- Dangote lost 6.5 billion and he’s still
breathing,I don’t know where I kept my #
1000 and my chest is doing me somehow
These life hard my people, una no go
understand oh, na till I no see these #1000
una go see my colour
13- Since yesterday morning i haven’t be
able to go to work,
Bcuz,my neighbor cheated on his wife and i
heard dy wife saying “that she will start
sleeping with
every neighbors around”…
Still now, am still waiting for own my turn
14- Give your life to Jesus Christ now 4 u
xtians & u Muslims to Almighty Allah not
when you see
me in heaven {paradise} you will now start
shouting ojoro ojoro I will just throw you
Which one sweet you pass????

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