1. Arsenal, Chelsea & Juve losing 1-2,1-2, 1-2
like someone testing a microphone!
2. My neighbour and his wife were
quarrelling this morning about
*cheating*,so the woman
threatened to sleep with all the neighbours
….I sat back for my turn that’s why I didn’t
go to
church today…..Godwill understand
3. Is only in Nigeria you will see somebody
answering *success* or *wisdom* carry last
in the
4. All those dating a girl with a child, have
you ever seen a soccer match that start with
1-0 ?“`
wisdom will kill me
5. Customer: my wife needs a bra but I don’t
know the size.
Salesgirl:* touch my b—-t and try to
calculate the size for your wife.
Customer: oh I forgot she needs panties too.
6. Some campus girls are too proud to kneel
down for only 2mins to give thanks to God.
But can kneel down for almost 45mins to
enjoy kabalaasi and DOGGY style…… Jesus
never died for
this my sister*
7. No one is more respectful than a person
who comes to borrow money from you.. he
can even
greet ur dog “Hello bingo how are you
8. No privacy in this Nigeria again, I was
using my phone in a bus yesterday and one
guy said,
*Bros* plz scroll back small, I no see that girl
picture well.. .. .. Lolls
9. Today, my girlfriend was selling food for
her mum in the
shop. I was very happy because I didn’t have
money. So she sent me a text, telling me to
and eat for free.
I got there, she served me correct meal with
fresh fish and
chicken plus one Hollandia yoghurt As she
was about to bring water for washing hand,
her Mum
appeared from nowhere and sent her home.
I’m still at their shop. Please what should I
do now?? Cox my village people have
today. The bill is #2,200 oo Abeg help me
10. Give A Girl 100k or iPhone 8, Her Mother
Won’t Ask Where She Got It From!!
But If You Give Her Belle, Her Father, Her
Mother, Her Brothers, Her Uncle And Aunt
And Even Her
Ancestors Will Come Looking For You.

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