Zari and Diamond Platnumz unfollow and delete each other

Seems like it’s finally over between East African musician, Diamond Platnumz and his first babymama, Zari Hassan.

They both unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted photos of each other on their Instagram pages.

The drama started after Diamond Platunmz got another woman pregnant while still in a relationship with Zari.

In a pre-birthday bash Diamond threw for himself last week, his second babymama, Hamisa graced the occasion while Zari was absent.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz unfollow and delete each other

Zari also took to Snapchat to throw shade at Diamond’s second babymama, Hamisa who she alleged is making up stories about the paternity of her son with Diamond, Nillan.

However, Zari is still living in Diamond Platnumz’s mansion in South Africa which spent months renovating.

In a post shared on Instagram a few days ago, Diamond made it clear that he is a Muslim and that his religion allows him to have more than one wife.

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